Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Druid in a dress, or, why hippies should not be appointed to the See of Canterbury

[Disclaimer/rant: I wanted Sentamu. Like almost all the other 77 million Christians who are members of the Anglican communion, my opinion was neither sought nor required: the winnowing was done by the Crown Appointments Committee, the final choice made by Tony Blair, and the whole thing rubber stamped by Her Maj. Given we're bringing democracy to Iraq, would it be too much to bring it to the C of E? The larger churches elect their churchwardens and PCCs as it is - it wouldn't require too much paperwork to elect vicars, bishops and archbishops. While we're at it, we could directly elect the House of Laity to the General Synod.]

Dr Williams, the Bearded Wonder, has been making speeches again. This is his right. But it a right he wants to deny to others:

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has called for new laws to protect religious sensibilities that would punish “thoughtless and cruel” styles of speaking.
Yes, we should make hurt feelings against the law, that's an appropriate restriction

...[T]he current blasphemy law was “unworkable” and he had no objection to its repeal.But whatever replaces it should “send a signal” about what was acceptable.

Signals should be sent by post, text or email, not legislation.

This should be done by “stigmatising and punishing extreme behaviours” that have the effect of silencing argument.

By cutting out the middle man and silencing arguments directly, via legislative fiat.

I summed up my views on the silliness of laws against offense, specifically blasphemy in the comments over at PJ's place.

Legislate at haste, repeal at leisure

The Devil's Kitchen has a robust take on the matter (NB: language a trifle direct)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Fox News in Pinko Harboring Outrage?

democrats are always railing against Fox news and its parent company News Corp. Today I went on to, and put in News Corp, only to find that "$14,600 was given by people who identified their employer as "News Corp".

$0 to Republicans $14,600 to Democrats

From Semper Fido