Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And the prize for chutzpah goes to...

"Imperial Matters", the Imperial College alumni mag which a mate has just shown me. From
the Winter Edition:

New Identity for Imperial College Business School

In August 2008, the Business School at Imperial College London changed its name from Tanaka Business School to Imperial College Business School. The change was made to enphasise that the School is an integral part of the College by incorporating the Imperial College name directly into its title. 
The renaming came after research suggested that its previous name was not strongly associated with Imperial College London. [Imperial Matters, Winter 08-09, 33, p.4]

I am little surprised "research" didn't show this, instead. Good save, PR guys! 

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pj said...

Probably telling that the most disturbing thing I learned there was that Phoebe Cates's mother is 70yrs old.