Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No, they did not.
Myths about nukes

An otherwise interesting paper is marred by this:

"Since then, Americans have dreamed of exotic nuclear 

possibilities. Early advocates promised a future of electricity too 

cheap to meter, an age of peace and plenty without high prices 

and shortages where atomic energy provided the power needed to 

desalinate water for the thirsty, irrigate deserts for the hungry, 

and fuel interstellar travel deep into outer space.‘‘carbon-free electricity source’’ (1998). Patrick Moore, co-founder 

of Greenpeace, has publicly stated that ‘‘nuclear energy is the only 

non-greenhouse gas emitting energy source that can effectively 

replace fossil fuels and satisfy global demand’’ (Environmental 

News Service, 2005). The nuclear power company Areva (2007) "

From Sovacool, Energy Policy 36 (2008) 2940-2953, emphasis mine

I appreciate it would be jolly convenient for anti-nuclear campaigners if the sinister cigarette smoking nuke-men in rakish hats had let the politicians astray with a lot of fast talk about monorails  energy which was "too cheap to meter", but -alas - it is Not True

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