Thursday, July 16, 2009

How utterly vile
But leftists are TOO caring!

I think the best way to deal with unpleasant rubbish like this is just to file it away, and wheel it out when some halfwit tries to tell you how uncaring and "nasty" Tories are.

[via Ben]


John B said...

You're *serious*? [boggles]

Political Scientist said...

John, having a death watch and glorying in someone's death is pretty vile. I honestly can't imagine engaging in behaviour like that for anyone. Galloway, Scargill, Benn - I can't stand them, think their politics are deeply misguided/wicked - but I won't be celebrating their deaths. Frankly, that website reminded me of this poisonous little twit:

John B said...

Hmm. I cracked open a nice bottle of Chilean red when Pinochet died, and happen to know my parents did the same with Rioja for Franco. Would like to think I'd've had a vodka to celebrate Stalin's passing-on. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Accepted that Thazza isn't objectively in the same league.

John B said...

(and yes, my stomach turned at the revolting bastards from the EDs celebrating Chris's death.)

Political Scientist said...

Hello John,

Glad I'm not the only one up at this hour of the morning - hope you're not working too hard!

Yes, I suppose it is a matter of degree (although, again, I can't imagine celebrating someone's death, even Hitler-Lite murderous filth like Franco or Pinochet).

On re-reading my post, I have been rather unfair to the Left - it isn't a labour website, after all, and any political party is going to have at least one nasty bloke in it. (The EDs appear to have one as their membership secretary. Utter scum)

pj said...

I'm not looking forward to Thatcher's death not least because of all the fawning retrospectives we'll have. In fact, I find all these sort of discussions to be nauseatingly fawning - saw something about Tony Wilson like that the other day.

Political Scientist said...

Hello PJ,

Oh, I don't doubt the Torygraph will produce a hagiography (and the Graun will produce something quite different - an obloquy, perhaps?). I don't agree with the principle of de mortuis nil nisi bonum, but I think that there is difference between even a completely negative obituary, and the celebration of s'one's death. I think HP Sauce's obituary of Pinter is an example of the latter.

To put it on my side of the fence, take Saddam Hussein - I supported the death penalty (at least in that particular case) but some of the celebration on (to me) usually ideological congenial websites made me feel ill.

pj said...

On the other side of the coin - take Diana - sure, it was sad that she died (in so far as anyone's death is sad, particularly young and with children), but not that sad.

With regards to Thatcher (of whom, it may not surprise you to know, I was not a fan), I think some of this celebrating her impending death stuff, as something of a mirror image of HP Sauce, is a kind of macho posturing that is disturbingly prevalent in politics. Harry's Place is a pretty good example of it, but it is widespread in the indecent left as well as on the right.

Reminds me slightly of discussions with some Labour people many years ago - 'the Lib Dems, they're worse than the bloody Tories, at least you know where you are with the Tories...' etc. A kind of bloody minded tribalism that revels in its perversity.

That said, I can imagine being a Holocaust survivor, or a Spanish leftist etc I wouldn't be above having a drink to celebrate the demise of Hitler, Franco etc.