Monday, November 30, 2009

THEY are tunnelling under Mr. Delingpole's house
Dark forces are at work

Mr. Delingpole suspects foul play:

What is going on at Google? I only ask because last night when I typed “Global Warming” into Google News the top item was Christopher Booker’s superb analysis of the Climategate scandal.

It’s still the most-read article of the Telegraph’s entire online operation – 430 comments and counting – yet mysteriously when you try the same search now it doesn’t even feature. Instead, the top-featured item is a blogger pushing Al Gore’s AGW agenda. Perhaps there’s nothing sinister in this. Perhaps some Google-savvy reader can enlighten me…..

UPDATE: Richard North has some interesting thoughts on this. He too suspects some sort of skullduggery.

There are forces at work on this climate of which we know nothing.


Campion said...



Sorry, Delingpole just has that effect on me, especially (but not exclusively) when he peddles this "being a well-spoken moron is a sign of bravery and righteousness", or "pissing off scientists just proves that you're right and that these guys are just making up big words to confuse yeoman folk" crap.

Oh, and well said re Monbiot on the last post. Apols that this isn't a constructive comment, but had to vent after reading that snippet of D*l**gp*le and actual screaming would wake up the housemates

Political Scientist said...

"Apols that this isn't a constructive comment"

That's quite alright; I am seldom constructive, and see no reason to hold others to a higher standard.

I've only read Delingpole on climate change - is the rest of his output of the same calibre? To think the Torygraph had the great Roger Highfield as science editor once...

Campion said...

Delingpole only came to my notice as a non-toff wishing he were a toff saying we should respect toffs for their toffery. See e.g.

He also seems to be one of these irritating gits who believes that "not being a reactionary c**t" is some kind of Political Correctness Gone Mad Oh What Happened To The Old Virtues And Aren't Hippies Stupid etc. etc. A sort of "people hate me for sucking up to the aristocracy, therefore I am right to give the aristocracy metaphorical oral pleasurings and those who disagree are militant hippie weirdo/liberal elitists (delete as approporiate)".

But yes, one reason to decry Delingpole is that he is an example of how it is apparently acceptable to flaunt one's own ignorance as proof that scholars are not to be trusted. Not only that, but you can be *proud* of the fact and still hold down a job at an established news/comment organisation.

I have to admit, two petty reasons I dislike Delingpole are (a) I've rubbed shoulders with some of the quasi-posh types who seem to turn him on... and they're really not all that; (b) he turns up on the most recent edition of the Spaced DVD as someone who liked it, and therefore makes me question one of my personal favourites. That is, "oh gods, if Delingpole liked it, then maybe there's some horrible canker hidden in it which I didn't notice on first viewing..."

Political Scientist said...

Applogies for not responding - have been busy doing tedious things.

I think the Charlie Brooker link got truncated. I can see why you don't care for Delingpole! I've had a look at some of his other articles...