Thursday, June 26, 2008

The annotated Briffa
In which I discover a New Toy

Via JDC, a fabulous new toy: it lets you annotate a web-page that has vexed you.

Here is the annotated version of the Briffa's post on MMR (you can read my original take here).

Caroline Collins (via comments at Dr Crippen's) has annotated the notorious diabetes post with some comments that apparently did not appear when posted at Dr. Briffa's blog.
Both PJ ("Briffa Demented Loon: Official") and Dr. Crippen ("Has Dr. John Briffa taken leave of his senses?") have eviscerated Dr. Briffa's most recent post.

I came across this at JDC's place (see parts 1, 2, and 3) for those extraordinary and unwise remarks of Dr. Briffa about defamation.

Dr. Aust follows Briffa on tap-water and cancer, with a follow up post here, more PJ on Briffa and skin cancer here, and HolfordWatch on Briffa and applied kinesiology (!)

Dr Crippen is worried about Briffa. I am, too.

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