Friday, July 25, 2008

A modest proposal

This is brilliant:

If you could choose anyone, from any walk of life, to be Prime Minister, who would you choose? > Bob Geldof. I would then make it my life's mission to hold a yearly concert in a field and denounce him as a 'typical politician' to a bunch of wristband wearing teenagers who have a vague idea that they are doing their bit for world peace/climate change/Make Poverty History by turning up to listen to Natasha Bedingfield and waving their lighters in the air. My version of 'Tell Me Why / I Don't Like Mondays' isn't bad either.

That's the normblog profile of Sadie Smith. It also contains some interesting Berlin-esque thoughts on negative liberty.

Her extremely funny blog is here.


LemmusLemmus said...

When one's really bored, one could try to come up with a complete cabinet for Prime Minister Geldof. I think Bono and Sting should definitely be on it although I'm afraid they might soon start some behind-the-scenes spindoctoring to send the boss into retirement.

Anyway, the answers to your earlier questions are at the original post. And now I want my "gnomic" post.

Political Scientist said...

Thanks LemmusLemmus!

On the case with the Gnomic Gnomes: should be up by the end of the day.